Happy New Cheese!

Welcome to 2014 from Somerdale International!

We’ve all been there (are there) - you’ve had the gluttony and excess of Christmas and New Year and now you’re on your January health kick, right? And well done you for doing that, we all feel horribly guilty and unfit after Christmas and it’s good to get back into a regular pattern of healthy eating and exercise.
But that doesn’t mean you have to cut out everything and punish yourself! We at Somerdale believe that cheese can be part of your diet so long as it’s in moderation, and as we now have so many fabulous cheeses out in Australia, why not make it one of your New Year’s Resolutions to try something new!
Whether you’re crazy about cheddar, salivating over Stilton, craving some crumbly Wenlseydale or fanatic about fruit cheeses, Somerdale has something for every cheese lover in Australia.  We’ve set out a few of our favourites below – go on, give them a try!

Crazy about Cheddar: Barbers 1833 Vintage Reserve

This has to be one of the best cheddar's in the world (and we’re not biased!) Made by the 6th generation Barber family on the family farm in Ditcheat, Somerset, not far from the village of Cheddar itself, this 24 month matured West Country Farmhouse cheddar has a creamy texture, a fabulous bite to it and a flavour that really develops on your pallet. They’ve been making it since 1833 so they know how cheddar is supposed to taste!

Salivating over Stilton: Long Clawson Blue Stilton

So many of our customers tell us definitively that they HATE blue cheese. And then they try Blue Stilton, the King of English cheeses.  With a wonderfully creamy texture, Blue Stilton is not as overpowering as other blues, yet has that distinctive blue vein and somewhat decadent taste to it!

Something Spicy: Somerdale Cheddar with Chilli and Lime

This hit Australian shores mid-2013 and has had resounding success.  A creamy cheddar blended with fiery chilli and zesty lime, this cheese really hits the spot and leaves customers talking! It’s a bit different, has a great flavour to it and looks great on a cheeseboard.
Happy New Cheese to you all!