Fresh from the Farm: Harris Farm Markets

There is nothing better than going into a store and seeing our fabulous British cheeses on the shelves.  It gives us that warm, fuzzy feeling.  Not because it's making us money.  But because it means people have the opportunity to try a wide range of our products and hopefully enjoy them, tell their friends and families, and keep eating them!  That makes us happy and should make you happy too.

Very few places do it better in Sydney than Harris Farm Markets.  Their story began in 1971 when David and Cathy Harris opened up their first grocery shop.  To this day the Harris Family, including David and Cathy, remain hands on in the business.  For over 40 years Harris Farm Markets has been delivering fresh goodness to Australian families.  They strive to source the best in local and imported produce, and the range on offer is fantastic.  From the moment you enter the store, your senses are in overdrive - brightly coloured fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs, home-made juices that make you dribble with thirst, and most importantly (in our eyes), fabulous cheese counters, which take you round the world in about 5 minutes!

Harris Farm are an invaluable support to Somerdale.  Whether it's a crumbly red Cheshire you're craving, a bitey 24 month matured cheddar, a juicy Wensleydale with cranberry, or the King of English Cheeses, rich and creamy Blue Stilton, Harris Farm stock it.  What's more, in many of the stores they have dedicated cheese deli staff who will offer you pearls of wisdom on what's best for your cheeseboard or your cooking and will cut you a piece of cheese exactly the size you'd like.

So if you're craving a taste of the UK, get yourself down to your local Harris Farm and indulge!