Free Cheese!

Di Jones from Somerdale (England) took on Karen O' Donovan from Cahill's (Ireland) in the Cheese World 6 Nations when we hit Harris Farm Markets' store in Willoughby as part of their cheese extravaganza. 
Harris Farm are a great supporter of Somerdale's cheeses and we love to demo at their stores across Sydney.  During late January they were hosting a cheese extravaganza with cheese-a-plenty and lots of free cheesey giveaways - Somerdale cheese knives, cheese recipe books and cheese boards.  What could be better than free cheese when you're doing your weekly shop!
To me, demos are totally invaluable. With a vast array of cheeses on offer in Australia, I've found that the only way to encourage people to branch away from their regaular cheese is to get them to try something new.  Couple that with an English/Irish accent and a bit of history about the dairy and cheese-making process and they're eating cheese out of the palm of your hand - quite literally! But in all seriousness, we love to get feedback from our customers which is why we're always keen to get out and about to sample our wares. 
Anyway, Karen was representing Cahill's ( a gorgeous dairy located in the heart of the Irish countryside, who make a range of fabulous waxed truckles.  She was sampling a creamy, mouthwatering Irish cheddar blended with three very distinct flavours: Irish Porter, Elderberry red wine and Kilbeggan Irish whiskey.  Each cheese is handmade and individually waxed before travelling across the ocean to Sydney.  And what a fantastic response they received - the Porter was the most popular, but there was a lot of praise for both the whiskey and the red wine and we pretty much sold out over the week!
But I think the overall winner was England's representative, Somerdale's creamy English cheddar blended with fiery chilli and zesty lime - a taste sensation! This cheese has a real kick to it and was quite literally flying off the shelves.
So 1 - 0 to England.  But we're only just getting started so watch out for us in stores near you soon where we'll be continuing England and Ireland's Australian Cheese Tour.